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At FPG Insurance we are experts in understanding both non-financial as well as financial institution insurance requirements.

Aligned with this expertise and knowledge, FPG Insurance have been developing and refining Financial Lines Insurance (FLI) products since 1997. Developing products and FLI solutions that reflect the dynamic nature and requirements of this specialist services sector.

We continually refine our products in line with compliance, legal and regulatory requirements of Specialty Lines solutions; building upon our competitive advantage with both regional and local expertise, aligned with a significant capacity to deliver across all areas of FLI.


FPG Insurance Financial Lines Cover Summary

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

FPG Insurance D&O products are designed to cover risk to individual directors and/or officers (including spouses, domestic partners, heirs and estates) for personal litigation and unlimited financial liability for corporate decisions. We provide complete protection for directors and officers from management liability exposure, which may come from shareholders, employees, regulatory bodies, creditors, customers and suppliers.

Our D&O policies are designed to provide cover for claims and lawsuits brought against directors and officers that can result in financial loss. Our D&O products include:

  • Non-Profit Organisation Liability Insurance

FPG Insurance D&O solutions are designed to provide Non-Profit Organisations with the assurance that they are not risking personal or organisational financial security. Our commercially structured products and premiums for liability insurance products are devised to help to protect the NPO in the event of a legal action.

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Another key solution under our suite of D&O products is our Employment Practices Liability (EPL). This product is designed to protect employers from the myriad of complex consequences when interacting on a day-to-day basis with employees

Claims against directors and officers and management personnel for harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and a variety of workplace misdeeds, are common and increasingly frequent. Costs associated with claims of this nature can and do have serious financial consequences for businesses, both large and small.

Professional Liability

Also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI), this product is designed to provide cover for Wrongful Acts across and within the everyday activities of a business. The provision of a company’s service, advice or best practice can leave a business exposed to allegations of negligence and the possibility of civil action against the business or its employees.

The FPG Insurance Professional Indemnity Policy options are designed to provide both financial and non-financial institutions, with cover, that should form part of a comprehensive business liability insurance risk program.

  • Professional Liability for Financial Institutions

The FPG Insurance Investment Manager Professional Indemnity Insurance (IMPI) product is an innovative product designed by FPG Insurance, to protect Fund Managers for errors, omissions, misstatements and misleading statements. In addition it covers for neglect, breach of trust or breach of duty by the Insured, whilst performing or failing to perform professional services for clients.

Our Financial Institution Professional Liability Insurance (FIPI) product is designed specifically for the Banking, Securities, Insurance and Leasing business sectors. These Specialty Lines products are designed in line with the changing business environments for financial institutions and the associated risks that these changes, combined with changing technologies bring.

  • Professional Liability for Non-Financial Institution Segment

This FPG Insurance product provides Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MISC PI) cover for sectors such as Commercial Printers, Travel Agents, Property Management Companies, Marketing Consultants, Spa Management as well as Web Design and Interior Design businesses.

Our specialty product lines also provide Media Liability Insurance and Educators Professional Liability cover for Schools, Universities and other educational institutions.

Banker Blanket Bond Insurance (BBB)/ Electronic Computer Crime Insurance (ECC)

This FPG Insurance BBB product, provides protection and cover for losses resulting from employee dishonesty or theft to the Banking or Securities sectors.

The product also covers electronic computer crime, as the ECC insurance is a companion insurance to the BBB. Where companies are operating in increasingly complex technological environments that can be exposed to dishonesty and fraud; as well as both on and off premise theft.

With data forming an integral and growing element of all businesses, protection again data theft, data modification or communication system and software compromise, as well as damage or destruction of electronic data or computer viruses, requires adequate cover and protection.

Crime Insurance

This FPG Insurance line covers businesses for loss caused by dishonest employees, more often referred to as white-collar crime. As part of a business risk management program. This FPG Insurance product is much more than a Fidelity Guarantee or Money policy, as it provides comprehensive cover for:

    1. Employee Theft
    2. Premises
    3. Transit
    4. Depositor's Forgery
    5. Computer Theft and Funds Transfer Fraud
    6. Investigative Costs
Cyber Security Insurance

An FPG Insurance product developed by our innovation team, our Cyber Security Insurance cover is designed to protect commercial businesses from a wide range of first party and third party liability cyber exposure.

The management and handling of customer data can increase the risk and exposure to this type of crime, where customer information management protocol may be breached. Customer awareness of this type of crime has also increased, with high media visibility of the risks associated with social, system and human error incidents.

Whilst companies are increasingly taking steps towards the development of more robust infrastructures and processes in this area, the investment in a comprehensive cyber defense insurance policy, should be part of a comprehensive business liability insurance risk program for any business.

For more information on FPG Insurance's Financial Lines Products, please contact:

Suda Sintrakarnpol, Senior Underwriting Manager - Financial Lines
Tel: +66 (0) 2231 2640 ext 2501
Fax: +66 (0) 2231 2653

Sareera Kusonpattana, Assistant Underwriting Manager - Financial Lines
Tel: +66 (0) 2231 2640 ext 2502
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