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With FPG Insurance Construction insurance products, your engineering and construction risks are more than covered.

FPG Insurance provides engineering insurance products designed to fully protect your business.

FPG Insurance offer a wide range of Engineering insurance products that are designed to provide full protection for the Construction Industry. FPG Insurance Engineering insurance products also cater to specific operational risks across Manufacturing, Utilities, and Property Development sectors.


FPG Insurance Engineering Products

Contractor's All Risks (CAR)

FPG Insurance Contractor’s All Risk Policy has been specifically designed to provide indemnification for damage to Civil Works such as residential condominiums, office buildings, commercial complexes and road construction projects.

Coverage includes:

  • Damage to Contract works
  • Materials specified by the Principal
  • Construction Plant, Machinery and Equipment
  • Surrounding properties of the Insured
  • Clearance of Debris
  • Third Party Liabilities
Erection All Risks (EAR) 

FPG Insurance Erection All Risks insurance policy provides indemnification for damage mainly to Electromechanical works such as installation of power plants, boilers, generators, transformers, turbines and compressors.

Coverage includes

  • Machinery to be installed including freight, customs duties, taxes and cost of installation
  • Civil Engineering works
  • Construction Plant, Machinery & Equipment
  • Materials supplied by the Principal
  • Clearance of Debris
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Third Party Liabilities
Electronic Equipment 

FPG Insurance Electronic Equipment Policy protects electronic equipment such as computers, medical equipment, communication facilities, electronic process and control systems, against loss or damage. Cover may also be extended to any worldwide location for mobile equipment.


  • Policy application is subject to the approval of FPG.
  • FPG will send you a free QUOTE based on the information stated in the Engineering Insurance application to be submitted to us.
  • Actual premium is only confirmed upon formal request for policy issuance and we reserve the right to adjust final and/or applicable premium as deemed necessary without notice.

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