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Traveling? Then make sure that you are covered, with an FPG Insurance travel insurance package.  

You'll get complete peace of mind when traveling within the Philippines, regionally or globally!

With the FPG Insurance Travel Shield Insurance policy, you will have comprehensive insurance cover when you travel. You will be covered against all possible damages, delays or unforeseen losses and expenses during your travels.

Loss and damage to your belongings as well as interruption to your travel plans can and does happen. From damaged or delayed luggage, cancelled flights, delayed or missed departures to loss or theft of money and passports, the inconvenience and worry caused can be significantly reduced, with FPG Insurance Travel Shield Insurance cover.

Designed specifically for single trip or annual cover needs, FPG Insurance travel insurance products are designed to protect you when you travel in the Philippines or internationally. You can be worry free, safe in the knowledge that you are covered for any unforeseen delays, damage, loss or expensive medical fees.


FPG Insurance Travel Cover Products

Travel Shield Plus

Some of the benefits you will receive with a Travel Shield Plus Policy:

  • Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement 
  • Unprovoked Murder & Assault
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Burial Assistance
  • Trip Cancellation
Travel Shield Plus International

Some of the benefits you will receive with an International Shield Plus Policy

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Medical & Emergency Expenses
  • Delivery of Medicines
  • Travel of One Immediate Family Member
  • Compensation for In-Flight Loss and Damaged of Checked-In Luggage


  • Policy application is subject to the approval of FPG Insurance.
  • FPG Insurance will send you a free QUOTE based on the information stated in the Travel Insurance application to be submitted to us.
  • Actual premium is only confirmed upon formal request for policy issuance and we reserve the right to adjust final and/or applicable premium as deemed necessary without notice.

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