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Accidents and resulting insurance claims can be very stressful and inconvenient.

We’ve been around for a long time and know what our customers want and should expect from us. We also know that our customers do not want stress and inconvenience from an insurance claim that takes a long time to settle.

At FPG Insurance, we pride ourselves on a claims process that is super efficient, making it our mission to get you back on track as soon as possible. We continually review and enhance our claims processes, as well as our commitment to our Policyholders.

We are Fast, Effective and Equitable and deliver a world-class claims service. At the same time we are committed to a program of claims process innovation, resulting in an industry-leading e-claims process that relies on our total commitment to innovation and technology.


FPG Claim Service Summary

Motor Claim
  • Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle; or in the case of Theft of parts/accessories, take photographs of the areas of the car where the parts/accessories were forcibly taken.
  • Report the loss to your Agent, Broker, or directly to FPG Insurance. An Evaluator or Claims Processor will inspect your vehicle and investigate the loss.
  • Prepare an Affidavit stating the circumstances of the accident or loss. Obtain Affidavit of Witness, if any. In the case of Theft of parts/accessories, obtain a Police report.
  • Take your vehicle to an accredited shop of FPG Insurance for an estimate of repair of parts replacement. Your Agent, Broker, or our FPG Insurance claims processor will refer an accredited shop nearest to you. In case of windshield breakage, bring your vehicle to any outlet of Aguila Glass or Universal Glass and secure an estimate.
  • Submit to your Agent or Broker, or to our claims processor/company evaluator, the following information:
    • Original copy of Affidavit of Loss
    • Photographs
    • Repair Estimates
    • Photocopies of your vehicle registration certificate and driver’s license
    • Photocopies of official receipts of your vehicle registration certificate and driver’s license
  • Please wait for our letter of authority before initiating the repair of your vehicle.
Liability Claim
  1. Notice of Claim may be in the form of a letter from the Insured to the insurance company indicating among others, the following:
    • Date, time and place or occurrence
    • Description of the occurrence or circumstances of the loss
    • Name, personal circumstances and address of third party claimant(s)
    • Name and address of witness
    • In the case of bodily injury, the nature of injury sustained and the name of the claimant who was treated and/or confined
    • In the case of property damage, the nature, photos and estimate of damage
    • If a claim arises from a contract, attach a copy of the contract
    • Attach a copy of the Police report, if available
    • Photocopy of the policy and official receipt of premium payment, or you can report claim online by using our web-based Claim Notification Form
  2. It is the obligation of the Insured to cooperate with the insurance company in attending hearings, secure and give evidence and obtain the attendance of witnesses. The Insured should promptly report to the company any summons, subpoena, complaint, notice of hearing, order or decision that he may receive to enable the company to take appropriate action.
Crime Coverage Claim

The following procedures are applicable to Money/ Security & Payroll Robbery/Theft/Burglary

  1. The insured should report the loss to the Police immediately upon discovery thereof
  2. A copy of the Police report must be submitted by the Insured
  3. The insurance company must likewise be notified by the Insured
  4. In case of burglary or force upon things, take photos of the damage. The damage should not be repaired until it is inspected by the adjuster or agreed by the insurance company.
  5. A photocopy of the policy and official receipt of premium payment

Required Documents

  • Police Investigation Report;
  • Statement of witnesses including the Security Guard on duty;
  • Audit Report conducted prior and after the robbery incident including all supporting documents;
  • Formal Statement of claim detailing the quantity and amount of stocks taken by the robbers;
  • Copy of Security Agency Contract; and
  • Photographs of the premises.
Fidelity Claim

The following procedures are applicable to Fidelity Guarantee/Dishonesty, Disappearance & Destruction, Position Schedule Bond.

  1. The insured should notify the insurance company as soon as practicable to enable them to review the involved parties
  2. Upon discovery of the loss, the Insured should conduct an audit to determine the extent of the loss
  3. Provide detailed statement of the cash accountabilities of the employee
  4. Provide source documents from which each item of the cash accountabilities was based
  5. Provide statements of accounts due but not paid to the employees as the date of termination of services like salaries, commissions, allowances, 13th month pay, bonuses, earned sick/vacation leave, etc.
  6. Provide photocopy of the policy and official receipt of premium
Equipment or Property Floater Claim
  1. The Insured should notify the insurance company as soon as practicable upon discovery or immediately after the occurrence of the loss
  2. Attach a copy of the Police Report, if applicable
  3. Provide a proof of ownership of the unit/equipment lost or damaged
  4. Provide the cost and date of acquisition of the property including its specifications, complete description and serial number
  5. Provide picture of the damaged unit/equipment and secure repair estimates or quotations for the repair
  6. Photocopy of the policy and official receipt of premium payment

For Lost Laptop

  1. Police Report
  2. Affidavit of Assignee describing the circumstance of the loss
  3. Purchase Invoice of Missing Laptop
  4. Quotation from Suppliers for the replacement of missing laptop
Marine Cargo Claim

All claims must be reported immediately to the insurance company upon discovery thereof. A surveyor is then instructed to conduct an inspection on the damaged cargo. The following documents are to be submitted to the insurer:

    1. Duly-accomplished Marine Cargo Claim Form
    2. Original Marine Risk Note & Endorsements, if any
    3. Original/Certified copy of Commercial Invoice
    4. Original/Certified copy of Bill of Lading
    5. Copy of Packing List
    6. Copies of formal claim filed against the following:
      • Arrasstre Operator / Contractor
      • Vessel’s Owner / Agent
      • Other bailees like customs Broker, etc.
      • and their respective replies
    7. Copy of Delivery Receipts
    8. For claims involving short-landed shipments in a bad order condition:
      • Bad Order Certificate issued by the Arrastre Contractor
      • Copy of turn-over Survey of Bad Order on Board cargoes issued by the Arrastre Contractor as attested by the vessel’s representative
      • Original laboratory or Quality Control Analysis
      • Original Invoice for repair/reconditioning of bad order or damaged items
    9. For claim involving short-landed shipments / spillage / leakage:
      • Bad Order Certificate
      • Turn-over Survey on Bad Order Cargoes
    10. For claim involving short delivered shipments:
      • Short delivery or short landing Certificate issued by the Arrastre Contractor certifying the non-discharge of package/s or Tally sheet of Discharge
      • Notice of unlocated Cargo files by the Insured’s custom’s Broker against the ship owner or Arrastre Contractor
      • Permit to Deliver imported goods
    11. For Theft or Pilferage claim:
      • Turn-over Survey
      • Bad order certificate
    12. A evaluation is then made after a thorough review and verification of the submitted documents.
  • Sum Insured

    —————– x Loss/Damaged Cargo

    Invoice Value

    Forms of Damage to the Cargo

    1. Damage by hooks
    2. Oil damage
    3. Fresh water Damage
    4. Damage by Sweat
    5. Damage by other cargo
    6. Damage by mud, stains or acids
    7. Damage by rust, oxidation or discoloration
    8. Heating damage
    9. Leakage
    10. Breakage
    11. Chipping, denting, scratching, bruising and spotting damage
    12. Damage due to inadequate packing
    13. Damage due to insect infestation
PA & Group Medical Claim

Whenever possible, all claims must be reported directly to agent, broker or to FPG as soon as possible. Written notice of claim must be submitted to FPG within thirty (30) days from date of accident. In case of death, immediate notice is required.

Completed claim forms and written proof of loss must be furnished to the Company within ninety (90) days after the date of such loss. Claims are not deemed complete and benefits are not payable unless all required documents are needed in support of a claim.

    1. Insured sends written notice of claim to his agent, broker or to FPG as soon as possible. Immediate notice can be relayed thru a telephone call, with insured given one week’s time to formalize said verbal notice. For locations outside of Metro Manila, initial notification of loss can be done through a long distance telephone call or thru a telegram message, or you can report claim online by using our web-based Claim Notification Form.
    2. Insured requests Personal Accident / Medical Insurance Claim form from his agent, broker or FPG.
    3. Insured goes to his preferred clinic/hospital for any of the following procedures: treatment, consultation, or confinement.
    4. After the procedure, Insured presents the claim form for his Attending Physician to fill-out/accomplish. For confinement cases – upon discharge, pertinent medical claim documents are requested from Medical Records Section of Hospital.
    5. Both Insured and Attending Physician sign the Claim Form.
    6. Insured submits Completed Claim form with the other important supporting documents directly to his agent, broker or to FPG. The following documents are needed in support of a claim:

A. Basic Documents for Medical Insurance Claim

          1. Duly Accomplished Notification of Claim Form (to be filled up by the attending physician)
          2. Original Official Receipts of Hospital bill and Professional fees
          3. Hospital statement of account with charge slips
          4. Original Official Receipts of hospital bills/professional fees
          5. Original Official Receipts of medicines purchased outside the hospital and their prescriptions (taken during confinement)
          6. Admitting History Report
          7. Discharge Summary

B. Basic Documents for Personal Accident Claim

          1. Duly Accomplished PA Forms A&B
          2. Police / Investigation Report
          3. Medical Certificate
          4. Hospital Statement of Account/Charge slips (Original copy)
          5. Original Official Receipts of hospital bills/professional fees
          6. Original Official Receipts of medicines purchased outside the hospital and their prescriptions.
          7. Original Copy of Death Certificate
          8. Proof of Beneficiary’s identity like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
          9. Others (i.e. autopsy report, medico-legal report, pictures, newspaper clippings)

* Additional Documents for Death Claim

        1. Original Copy of Death Certificate
        2. Proof of Beneficiary’s Identity like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
        3. Others ( i.e. autopsy report, medico-legal report, pictures, newspaper clippings )

C. Basic Documents for Travel PA Claim

        1. Duly Accomplished Claim Form
        2. Police Report/Investigation Report
        3. Original copy of Death Certificate
        4. Proof of beneficiary’s identity like Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract (Original)
        5. Medical Certificate
        6. Written proof of loss or damage verified by a written statement from police of transport provider. (Baggage loss)
        7. Written proof of delay from transport provider together with receipt for the extra cost incurred. (Flight/Travel Delay)
        8. Copy of credit card application and sales slip showing proof of his travel ticket.
  1. Upon receipt of the necessary documents, FPG will evaluate the documents and adjust the claim based on the coverage or level of benefits of the insured. Claim settlement is payable to any of the following:

Personal Accident

    • The Insured; or
    • The Insured’s declared beneficiary in case of death; or
    • The Policyholder Medical Insurance
    • The Insured; or
    • In case of an insured’s dependent, to its Principal;
    • The Insured’s beneficiary in case of death, or to the Policyholder.

Note: FPG Insurance may require other documents should the above documents are not sufficient to evaluate the claims

Additional Information for Claims

When notifying us of a claim, our claims service officers will ask you some questions to help them assess the nature, cause and extent of the loss. The following tips will help you shorten the time needed to process your claim:

  1. Take photographs of the accident and damaged items.
  2. Keep your original invoices of the damaged items in a safe place.
  3. Keep the damaged items for inspection and protect them from further damage. Do not discard them before the claims service officer and/or the adjuster has given the go ahead signal.
  4. If you underwent emergency medical treatment or contacted repairers for emergency repair, keep the invoices, original receipts and other related documents.
  5. When filing claims, attach all relevant documents (e.g. police reports, statements, invoices etc.). Kindly send us the original documents, no photocopies.
  6. Do not make any statements regarding liability to other parties without the agreement of our claims service officers. Admitting liability may jeopardize the indemnity.
  7. If in doubt, please contact your broker/agent or our claims service officers directly. They will guide you through the process.

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