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Over a century of entrepreneurial experience in the Asia Pacific region, aligned with our Swiss & Asian Heritage.

Established in 1958 FPG Insurance has built an enviable reputation for developing in-depth customer insights that support the creation of relevant, comprehensive insurance products across Asia, for both business and individuals alike. 

FPG Insurance maintain powerful alliances with global institutions, that when coupled with our strong position across the Asia Pacific region, provides intelligently structured solutions for the Asian insurance market.

Coupled with our experienced and talented professional teams, we are experts in the implementation of bespoke insurance and risk management solutions for our customers.

FPG Insurance is the trusted name in the provision of general insurance solutions in Asia.


FPG Service Commitment 


FPG Insurance is committed to delivering the most up to date information on products, services and innovative insurance solutions.

Commitments that are based upon our long-standing heritage and leadership in the general insurance industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Our continued commitment to customers and the delivery of the highest level of service standards, value and quality means that our customers and partners will always receive the most innovative and technically advanced products and insurance solution services.

Our commitment has its foundation in our expertise, leadership and an unparalleled emphasis on customer satisfaction. Sustained in our reputation within and across the Asia Pacific region, as an insurance company focused on bespoke insurance solutions that work for our customers; as small or large businesses or as individuals.

Our financial stability and commitment to growth and sustainability is evident from our group heritage and ethos as well as our long-standing customer relationships and partnerships. This coupled with our continued empowerment programs and technically advanced processes and claims infrastructure is what makes FPG Insurance, our regional teams and our partners the general insurance provider we have become today.

Strategy & Values 

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Forging lasting relationships with Customers, Partners and Employees, based upon a strong, trusted foundation.

At FPG Insurance we continually focus on our desire to Innovate, Create and Deliver the highest value to our Customers, Partners and Shareholders.

Our mission and values as the leading general insurer in Asia, shapes the management and direction of the company. This also paves the way to the creation of compelling, relevant products and insurance solutions that are tailored specifically to business and consumers.

Our teams, processes, procedures, corporate governance and business structure reflect and support these values and are regularly reviewed and refined in line with our Customers and Partners direction and needs.

The results mean that FPG Insurance is focused on shaping and delivering a corporate culture and related corporate strategies and values across all business functions and infrastructure, enabling the real definition of our business principles, results and values.

Corporate Governance


The FPG governance structure establishes checks and balances and is designed to provide added assurance to our customers and shareholders.

Pursuant to the initiative of ASEAN to improve corporate governance in the Asia Pacific region collectively and to brand ASEAN as an asset class, FPG Insurance participates in, as well as utilises the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.



Commitment and responsibility towards the communities and environments within which the Group operates.

The FPG Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus is to continually strive and deliver adaptable products and solutions, that reflect the business, social and emotional needs of our customers and the communities we serve.

As a member of the global community, our commitment is always to deliver shared-value and benefit to communities and society as a whole. Continuously reviewing the positive impact that we are having on our ever-changing environment and environmental dynamic.

Our CSR focus manifests itself in our community support programmes, overall values and work ethic, as well as our employee support, training and well-being. It extends across our research, development, marketing and customer engagement support initiatives.

The creation and maintenance of our global, regional and local partnerships, support our focus on a sustainable provision for the communities within which we operate. And for our products and solutions that deliver shared-value for businesses and the community as a whole.

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